Friday, March 28, 2008

Kathmandu-ties went Crazy Over Petroleum Price Hike

While the Nepal Oil Corporation was (and still is) under loss to to distribute the petroleum products in Nepal, Government decided to hike the price of it. People were already furious with the price of hike of everything that are available and top of that hike of the petroleum products made the people to become outrage. Burning tires has become to protest anything offensive here. But new thing for the protest was to throw out all the garbage out in the street. Do you believe me? Take a snap below. Took it in Teku. People went nuts and whole street was smelling really awfully. Have a look:

Hide n Seek

It was evening and load shedding at my place. So i got nothing to do. So God ordered Sun to play hide n seek with me. So as the sun ran to hide behind the clouds I decided to grab those snaps as best i could. Some of them are just okay, others are not good. It was fun a bit to play with the sun.

Silhouette During Spring Wood Promotion in Durbar Marg

During the program when it was getting dark took a shot where people where cheering the artist from the roof of the shop. It was on 12th May 2007. Seems pretty okay to me.

Dhunge Dhara

A traditional 'Dhunge Dhara' - ancient form of tap, was found while digging for the foundation of the house in Om Bahal. The most miracle thing is still after decades of being under it still generates water, amazing ain't it? However the owner of the house is not allowed to build the home. Sad but on the other hand we got ancient Dhunge Dhara for which we must be glad. Are You? :)