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List of Financial Institutions in Nepal (Finance Companies)

List of Banks and Non-bank Financial Institutions
As of Mid-July 2011 (Licensed by NRB)

  1. 31 Commercial Banks (Class A)
  2. 87 Development Banks (Class B)
  3. 79 Finance Companies (Class C)
  4. 21 Micro Development Banks (Class D)


      S.N.            Names                 Operation Date           Head           Paid Up Capital
                                                              (A.D.)                  Office         (Rs. In Million)
1 Nepal Housing Development Finance Co.Ltd. 1992/03/08 Bijulibazar, Kathmandu
2 Nepal Finance Ltd. 1993/01/06 Kamaladi, Kathmandu
3 NIDC Capital Markets Ltd. 1993/03/11 Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu
4 Narayani National Finance Ltd. 2009/11/01 Kalikasthan, Kathmandu
5 Annapurna Finance Co.Ltd. 1993/09/30 Pokhara, Kaski
6 Nepal Share Markets and Finance Ltd. 1993/10/19 Ramshahapath, Kathmandu
7 Peoples Finance Ltd. 1993/04/15 Mahabauddha, Kathmandu
8 Mercantile Finance Co. Ltd. 1994/11/10 Birgunj, Parsa
9 Kathmandu Finance Ltd. 1994/11/10 Dillibazar, Kathmandu
10 Himalaya Finance Ltd. 1993/11/11 Sundhara, Kathmandu
11 Union Finance Ltd. 12/12/1995 Kamaladi,Kathmandu
12 Gorkha Finance Ltd. 1995/03/12 Hattisar, Kathmandu
13 Paschhimanchal Finance Co.Ltd. 1995/04/09 Butawal, Rupandehi
14 Nepal Housing & Merchant Finance Ltd. 1995/04/11 Dillibazar, Kathmandu
15 Universal Finance Ltd. 1995/04/27 Kantipath, Kathmandu
16 Samjhana Finance Co. Ltd. 1995/05/03 Banepa, Kavre
17 Goodwill Finance Ltd. 1995/05/16 Dillibazaar, Kathmandu
18 Siddhartha Finance Ltd. 1995/05/25 Siddarthanagar, Rupandehi
19 Shree Investment & Finance Co. Ltd. 1995/06/01 Dillibazar, Kathmandu
20 Lumbini Finance & Leasing Co. Ltd. 1995/06/26 Thamel, Kathmandu
21 Inbesta Finance Ltd. 1995/07/17 Birgunj, Parsa
22 Yeti Finance Ltd. 1995/07/23 Hetauda, Makawanpur
23 Standard Finance Ltd. 1995/07/23 Narayanchaur, Kathmandu
24 International Leasing & Finance Co. Ltd. 1995/10/31 Naya Baneshwor, Kathmandu
25 Mahalaxmi Finance Ltd. 1995/11/26 Putalisadak, Kathmandu
26 Lalitpur Finance Co. Ltd. 1995/12/12 Lagankhel, Lalitpur
27 Bhajuratna Finance & Saving Co. Ltd. 1996/01/09 Kantipath, Kathmandu
28 United Finance Co. Ltd. 1996/1/25 Durbarmarg, Kathmandu
29 General Finance Ltd. 1996/02/02 Chabahil, Kathmandu
30 Merchant Finance Co. Ltd. 1996/01/02 Newroad, Kathmandu
31 Alpic Everest Finance Ltd. 1996/07/16 Kathmandu Mall, Kathmandu
32 Nava Durga Finance Co.Ltd. 1997/02/09 Itachhe, Bhaktapur
33 Janaki Finance Co. Ltd. 1997/03/07 Janakpurdham, Dhanusha
34 Pokhara Finance Ltd. 1997/03/16 Pokhara, Kaski
35 Central Finance Ltd. 1997/04/14 Kupondole, Lalitpur
36 Premier Finance Co. Ltd. 1997/05/08 Kumaripati, Lalitpur
37 Arun Finance Ltd. 1997/08/17 Dharan, Sunsari
38 Multipurpose Finance Co. Ltd 1998/3/25 Rajbiraj, Saptari
39 Butwal Finance Ltd. 1998/06/21 Butawal, Rupandehi
40 Shrijana Finance Ltd. 1999/12/14 Biratnagar, Morang
41 Om Finance Ltd. 2000/09/17 Pokhara, Kaski
42 CMB Finance Ltd. 2000/11/20 Kamalashhi, Kathmandu
43 World Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd. 2001/08/10 Hetauda, Makawanpur
44 Capital Merchant Banking & Finance Co. Ltd. 2002/02/01 Battisputali, Kathmandu
45 Crystal Finance Ltd. 2002/02/13 Thapathali, Kathmandu
46 Royal Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd. 2002/02/14 Durbarmarg, Kathmandu
47 Guheshworil Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd. 2002/06/13 Pulchowk, Lalitpur
48 Patan Finance Co. Ltd. 6/23/2002 Pulchowk, Lalitpur
49 Fewa Finance Ltd. 2003/04/30 Pokhara, Kaski
50 Everest Finance Ltd. 2003/07/02 Siddharthanagar, Rupandehi
51 Prudential Finance Company Ltd 2003/06/06 Dillibazar, Kathmandu
52 ICFC Finance Ltd. 2003/06/15 Bhatbhateni, Kathmandu
53 IME Financial Institution Ltd. 2005/08/01 Panipokhari, Kathmandu
54 Sagarmatha Merchant Banking and Finance Ltd 2005/08/29 Maanvawan,Lalitpur
55 Shikhar Finance Ltd. 2005/09/15 Thapathali,Kathmandu
56 Civil Merchant Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. 2005/09/18 Kuleshwor,Kathmandu
57 Prabhu Finance Co. Ltd. 2006/02/16 Lainchur,Kathmandu
58 Imperial Finance Ltd. 2006/03/08 Thapathali,Kathmandu
59 Kuber Merchant Finance Ltd. 2006/03/24 Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu
60 Nepal Express Finance Ltd. 2006/05/04 Sundhara, Kathmandu
61 Valley Finance Ltd. 2006/05/11 Maharajgunj,Kathmandu
62 Seti Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. 2006/06/07 Tikapur, Kailali
63 Hama Merchant & Finance Ltd. 2006/06/16 Tripureshwor, Kathmandu
64 Reliable Finance Ltd. 2006/09/06 Sundhara, Kathmandu
65 Loard Buddha Finance Ltd. 2006/11/19 Fasikeb, Kathmandu
66 Api Finance Ltd. 4/25/2007 Pokhara, Kaski
67 Nameste Bitiya Sanstha Ltd.. 2007/07/07 Ghorai, Dang
68 Kaski Finance Ltd. 2007/07/30 Pokhara, Kaski
69 Suryadarshan Finance Co. Ltd. 2007/07/30 New Baneshor, Kathmandu
70 Zenith Finance Ltd. 2007/10/08 Newroad, Kathmandu
71 Unique Financial Institution Ltd. 2007/10/12 Putalisadak, Kathmandu
72 Manjushree Financial Institution Ltd. 2007/10/15 New Baneshor, Kathmandu
73 Swostik Merchant Finance Company Ltd. 2007/10/16 Kichapokhari, Kathmandu
74 Subhalaxmi Finance Ltd. 2007/11/11 Naxal, Kathmandu
75 Jebil`s Finance Ltd. 2009/10/28 New Road, Kathmandu
76 Reliance Finance Ltd. 2009/12/03 Pradarsani Marg, Kathmandu
77 Lotus Investment Finance Ltd. 2010/04/11 Newroad, Kathmandu
78 Baibhab Finance Ltd. 2011/01/24 Naya Baneshwor , Kathmandu
79 Bhaktapur Finance Ltd. 2011/02/08 Chyamsing ,Bhaktapur

Century Commercial Bank Limited (CCBL) - Introduction

We, Century Commercial Bank Limited (CCBL), established under Company Laws of Nepal, is a national level commercial bank having its head office at Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal. It has obtained license from Nepal Rastra bank, the Central Bank of Nepal, on 23rd January 2011 to conduct business as a national level commercial bank as per Bank & Financial Institution Act, 2063.


CCBL's mission statement is "saral banking ... sabaiko lagi" (easy banking ... for all). We are committed to simplify banking services taking advantage of innovations in information and communication technology and to extend our reach to the unbanked population of the country.


To become one of the most preferred banks by providing latest, effective and innovative financial services.

Civil Bank Limited (CiBL) - Introduction

About Us

Civil Bank Limited (CiBL) has established itself as the 30th commercial bank of Nepal. It is founded by promoters with strong background in real estate, financial institutions, business, trade and industry. The Bank envisions in becoming a dominant player in the Nepalese banking industry.
The Bank has been registered with an issued capital of NRs. 2000 million and paid up capital of NRs. 1200 million. The Bank firmly believes in contributing to the nation's economic growth by rendering services and empowerment to all classes and sectors of the society.

Corporate Values

The Bank bases itself on a set of superior values and moral principles. It aims to succeed and reach higher grounds by maintaining and adhering to its corporate values.
The corporate values governing Civil Bank's development include:
Maintain the highest standards in all relationships with customers, suppliers, environment and community.
Foster a climate which encourages innovation and diligence amongst staff and reward accordingly.
Function with the principle of "Thinking Forward Moving Forward".

To become the most trusted bank by providing dedicated service and support to customers through thick or thin.

To become every Nepali's banking partner by extending all types of banking services.

To contribute directly/indirectly in the economic growth of the country by being a prominent player associated with all classes and sectors of society.

Prudent expansion
Dedicated customer service
Competitive human resource

Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal (CTBN) - Introduction

Brief Profile

Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal (CTBN) is established under the Bank and Financial Institution Act 2063 in Kathmandu, Nepal as a national level "A" class commercial bank. CTBN is an outcome of a comprehensive vision of the promoters to participate in national development by providing business solutions to all customers through a team of professionals. The promoters of CTBN are Bankers, Professionals, Individual and businessmen who have sowed the dream of leading Nepal towards the economic development. They have varied exposures and presence in the Nepalese economy and abroad. They represent various business activities within and outside Nepal. Each promoter of CTBN has successfully demonstrated leadership skills, business acumen and entrepreneurial talents in his/her respective fields. The promoters’ comprehensive vision and government and regulating authorities' overwhelming support gave birth to the concept for establishment of a private sector a Commercial Bank in Nepal "CTBN".

CTBN will come up with new banking outlook by providing modern banking services, efficient customer services and wide coverage of commercial banking activities within urban as well as rural areas all over the country. CTBN had already obtained Letter of Intent (LOI) from Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB). CTBN will commence its operation after receiving the Operating License from NRB from Kamaladi, Kathmandu. CTBN will have branches in strategic locations of the country.


Recognize the importance of participating actively in supporting the community we serve, committing our time, effort and contributions to assist in the development and improvement within the country. Transparency, corporate governance, compliance and sound business growth continue to be the driving forces behind CTBN's business operation. The board and the management are fully committed to uphold these stakes. The proposed bank had follow a professional management system where emphasis will be given to efficiency and effectiveness concept besides the basic characteristics for management like planning, organizing, coordination and controlling in order to achieve the desired goal.


As its core line of business, CTBN shail seek all possible opportunities to maximize stakeholders’ wealth by maintaining quality assets and liabilities. CTBN shall seek out all types of desirable depositors/creditor’s accounts. Progress in data processing and communications technology has accelerated these trends and heightened their impact on banking business. The traditionally close bank — customer relationship is loosening. The barriers to market entry for new competitors are lower, breaking up traditional value — added chains and focusing as specialists on the lines ofbusiness that are most lucrative .Thus CTBN account relations are those that result in a relationship rather than those which are purely transaction in nature.

CTBN will bring in latest understanding and latest risk mitigation techniques and introduce long term financial instrument (debt, equity and a mixture of both) especially for the large and medium size infrastructure projects. CTBN will play a very important role in unlocking the trapped potential and in making the whole sector vibrant. Some areas of operation and core value of CTBN are.

To identify business prospects not yet catered by then existing commercial banks and offer new banking products and services.
To provide flexible and comprehensive customer management processes to review
relationship and exposures.
To introduce modern banking technology facilitating bank and business
To develop viable projects and enterprises in various sectors like hydropower, agriculture, trade, industries, tourism, and other services to boost up the production, income and employment opportunities.
To mobilize deposits, provide loan funds to the industrial/production/commercial units both in terms of term loan and working capital credit, short-term and middle term loan for
commercial purposes; provide non-funded loans, foreign currency transaction services,
perform non-funded, merchant banking, and other advisory services.
To develop micro finance through integration and commercialization of rural household
activities, in order to bring the rural poor to banking net.
To explore the renewal energy opportunities and coordinate with various developing
agencies to take part in national development.
To participate in the large infrastructure project required to build New Nepal.
To endeavor its effort to the proper use of the internal and external resources and
technology; and contributing towards greater and faster economic development of the
To earn competitive return to its shareholders by delivering modern banking and financial services to its customers efficiently, effectively, and elegantly.

CTBN will enjoy a unique and strong foothold in the banking industry. CTBN's activities giobe around deposit mobilization, advancement of various credits, international banking including trade financing, inward and outward remittances and funds and portfolio management. Through wide and strong correspondent banking network CTBN shall able to connect its customers to all important financial centers in the world.

Vision, Mission & Values

Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal Ltd is a category “A” Class Commercial Bank Licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank,  established with an objective to provide full fledged Banking Services in National Arena serving National Interest. With strong capital base propelled by Issued Capital of Rs. 2.00 billion, the Bank is in position to become effective client focused financial service provider from the day of its inception. Commerz and Trust is an outcome of comprehensive vision of its shareholders to participate in national development by providing business solutions to all customers through a team of experienced professionals. We are here to deliver universal banking services, create value for its shareholders, and become the first choice of clients within and beyond boarders.  At Commerz & Trust all services are customer driven and their satisfaction being our highest priority.

With a team assembled with highly experienced professionals inherited with strong leadership skills, every stakeholder of the bank has a reason to believe in exceeding their expectations, fulfilling their dreams and ultimately leading themselves towards the path of success. Entrusting in teamwork, management of the bank is committed to institute Commerz & Trust as a trusted ally of our community. The bank envisioned to place itself top on the list of professionally managed bank wherein its cooperation towards its regulators in its entirety will become remarkable thing to consider.

We obligate ourselves to extend our reach in form of comprehensive network to every nook and corner of the Country and guarantee to benefit every citizen of our country with personalized advisory banking services. Utilization of state-of-art technology is the bed rock of the bank service and by that virtue we assure to raise the standard of our service in a progressive manner.

We believe in developing relationship with all our stakeholders based on the values that we adhered with and in every step of our journey we always bond ourselves with our customers, their needs, their success, & their achievement.

Mega Bank Nepal Ltd. - Introduction

Background of MEGA

The initial concept of establishing a truly inclusive MEGA bank was envisioned by a group of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds two years to the formal inauguration of the Bank. These individuals who initially conceptualized the establishment of this institution were propelled by their vision to establish a national level banking institution that would provide the highest levels of professional banking service with a personal touch, throughout the nation, to all Nepalese.

It is the realization of this aspiration that lead to the incorporation of Mega Bank Nepal Limited as Nepal's largest A class commercial bank with an authorized capital of Rs.4 billion and an issued capital of Rs.2.33 billion.

Recognizing that banking activity has been limited to the urban and semi-urban areas of Nepal, Mega bank has been set up not only to provide better products and services that are currently on offer in the financial sector but also to penetrate and tap the virgin rural market. The promoters shared a vision to make Mega Bank a catalyst for the promotion of financial inclusion in Nepal.

The Bank is inclusive right from its roots, having been promoted by 1219 promoters spread across 63 of Nepal's 75 districts. The promoters are divided into 6 clusters, with each cluster being represented by one seat on the Bank's Board; Professor Dr. Madan Kumar Dahal is the Chairman of Mega Bank Nepal Limited's Board. A senior economist of Nepal holding a Doctorate Degree in Economics, Dr. Dahal is a respected personality in the South Asian region for his insightful contributions and analytical papers on national, regional and international economic issues. The promoters are represented in the Board of Directors, comprising of accomplished personalities from the field of tourism, development, academicians, economists and businessmen.


The seed planted by the Bank's Promoters in their initial deliberations is today the core of Mega Bank's Vision - to be the banker to every Nepali, delivering five star quality services to all its customers. Our Vision is who we want to be, and everything we have done to date, and everything we will do as we build the Bank going forward will be centered around ensuring Mega Bank works towards becoming the 'Banker of every Nepali from Plough to Power - Halo to Hydro'.

In order to move towards the realization of our Vision, which enlightens us on 'Who we want to be', we have articulated a statement of Mission to clearly state 'Where we want to be'. Our Mega Mission is to consistently deliver 'Service Excellence to Create Mutually Beneficial Relationships' with all our stakeholders.

Each and every member of the Mega Team is committed to delivering service excellence and working towards providing five star quality banking to Customers, Shareholders, Regulators, Community, and Staff, creating, building and strengthening relationships of mutual benefit. In order to achieve our Mission all of us are committed to our Mega Values of being Service Centric, Transformational, Action Oriented, Result Focused, Synergistic, everyday in everything we do. The acronym of our Values is S.T.A.R.S. reflecting our commitment to the Mega Service culture.

Janata Bank Nepal Ltd. - Introduction

About Us


The main motto of the bank is to provide reliable and quality banking services to the public through healthy competition in the banking industry, as mentioned in the preamble of the Bank & Financial Act, 2063. The bank has the objectives to carry out banking business as permitted under the Act and guidelines of Nepal Rastra Bank. The major objectives of the bank are outlined as follows:

Provide banking service at the doorsteps of customers.
Provide non-funded and foreign currency transaction services, perform merchant banking, and other advisory services.
Provide services to Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) projects.
Provide various schemes and incentives to small savers to mobilize domestic saving.
Provide investment opportunities to small savers in various projects and mobilize their savings into investment.
Develop viable projects in agriculture, trade, industries, tourism, hydropower, and other services to boost up the production, income and employment opportunities.
Provide fund management services to the customers.
Provide banking services and facilities to attract foreign direct investment in the country.
Expand banking services in the international market through branch expansion and creation of agencies.
Support for the proper use of the internal and external resources and technology that contributes towards the greater and faster economic development of the country.
Provide competitive returns to its shareholders by delivering modern banking and financial services.


To extend support towards strengthening the financial system and then the economy of the country and also grow as an International Financial Institution.


Greater financial outreach for the people, fair play in the financial market, help in financial stability within the country, technology transfer and higher customer satisfaction.


To deliver financial services and maintain social responsibility through effective and efficient use of human and technical resource and generate profit for the shareholders.

Kist Bank Ltd. - Introduction

Profile Of The Bank

With its vision of becoming the best bank on operational excellence and superior financial performance, Kist Bank was initially incorporated as a 'C' class financial institution in 2003 for undertaking limited banking activities. The Bank started commercial banking activities from May 7, 2009 after complying with all the conditions of Nepal Rastra Bank (Central Bank of Nepal) for becoming a Commercial Bank.

The Bank is a public limited company incorporated under the Bank and Financial Institution Act 2006 and the Companies Act 2006. The Bank is licensed by NRB to undertake commercial banking services and merchant banking activities in the country. The Authorized Capital of the Bank is Rupees 5 Billion and the Issued and Paid-Up Capital is Rupees 2 Billion. 60 Percent of the Paid-Up Capital is held by the promoter and remaining 40% is held by the general public. The shares of the Bank is listed at Nepal Stock Exchange Limited( NEPSE), the only Stock Exchange in the country, as 'A' category share.

The Bank has a seven member Board of Directors (BOD) out of which threerepresents the promoters' group, two represents the general public and one represents the Professional Director. Till the end of fiscal year 2066/67 (2009/10) the bank has 51 branches  across the country.

Kist Bank stands for customers' convenience and support. The Bank is driven by values of efficiency in operations, integrity  and a strong focus on catering the needs of every customer by offering high quality and cost effective products and services. The professional management team along with dedicated employees is always looking forward to serve the customers, understand their needs and design tailored products. The Bank operates in highly automated environment in terms of information technologies and communication systems, thus enabling delivery of prompt and quality services. It has put in substantial efforts and investments in acquiring the best technologies available to build necessary banking infrastructures.

Our vision is to become the best bank based on operational excellence and superior financial performance.

Our mission is to become a leading bank by providing best quality financial products and services to our customers, enhancing shareholders value, contributing to the economic prosperity of the country and creating excellent growth opportunity for our employees.

NMB Bank Limited - Introduction



NMB Bank Limited licensed as “A” grade financial institution by Nepal Rastra Bank in May 2008 has been operating in Nepalese Financial market for over fifteen years and is one of the leading commercial banks in the banking industry. Since its inception, the Bank has been continuously endeavoring to win the trust of its customer which has resulted to ever increasing customer base and more importantly attained customer’s delight through its different products and services.


To establish ourselves as a leader in banking by providing a range of financial services suitable to the needs of the market with high priority on customer care while simultaneously embracing the interests of all stakeholders and value of a good corporate citizen.


To gain supremacy in growth, profit, customer care and social response in banking by way of:

Leveraging and integrating the existing strengths of the institution
Reaching out and serving wide range of customers within and outside the country
Developing a culture of “Giving Extra Care to the Customers”
Being innovative in designing and delivering services
Adopting prudent investment practices for building up a sound assets base.
Developing internal and external efficiencies by prudent use of technology
Building operational efficiency through smarter processes and controls
Providing exciting and challenging career prospects for the employees
Placing high priority on stakeholders’ interest and statutory compliance
Acting responsibly for making contributions to the society at large

DCBL Bank Limited - Introduction


DCBL Bank Limited came into operation in 2001 as development bank backed by the expertise of the professional bankers, prominent industrialists, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and career diplomats.

The policy of the Bank is to create a relationship with the customer based on shared vision and mutual understanding for mutual benefit. It focuses in providing qualitative and diversified banking services backed by efficient personal approach at desired level.

The Bank has been providing diversified services to its clientele by offering its products in the form of Loans, Guarantees and Venture Capital etc. The bank has started its operation in the capacity of 'A' class commercial bank since May 2008. We have, at present, total 21 branches including the Head Office at Kamaladi.

DCBL Bank Limited came into operation in 2001 as development bank backed by the expertise of the professional bankers, prominent industrialists, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and career diplomats.

The policy of the Bank is to create a relationship with the customer based on shared vision and mutual understanding for mutual benefit. It focuses in providing qualitative and diversified banking services backed by efficient personal approach at desired level.

The Bank has been providing diversified services to its clientele by offering its products in the form of Loans, Guarantees and Venture Capital etc. The bank has started its operation in the capacity of 'A' class commercial bank since May 2008. We have, at present, total 21 branches including the Head Office at Kamaladi.

Bank of Asia Nepal Limited (BOA) - Introduction


Bank of Asia Nepal Limited is the 22nd commercial bank of Nepal. It is incorporated under the companies Act 2063 as 'A' Class financial institution. It started its full-fledged commercial operations from 12th October 2007 from its registered office at Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. 

Vision StatementMission Statement
To be one of the preferred banks by growing together with all the stakeholders.To deliver a wide range of prompt and quality services in order to consistently achieve sound performance through collaborative partnership at all levels, high standards of governance, optimization of information technology and effective network.


The Registered Address of the Bank is as under:

Kathmandu Metropolitan City – 11, Nepal.
Ph No. 977-1-4263218/4263212
Fax No. 977-1-4258326
Po Box No. 11021

Sunrise Bank Limited - Introduction


In an economy driven by appetite for success, Sunrise Bank Limited is "Rising to Serve" by defining new levels of services and products. As a bank founded by reputed entrepreneurs, we understand the needs of a growing economy and are well equipped to serve them.
Our team of seasoned banking and management professionals have dedicated themselves to establishing an institution determined to cater to the needs of all, be it big or small. Your aspirations are our benchmarks and we will always be "Rising to Serve".


Continuous Offering of tailor made banking services to all levels of society, with no constraint on time, location, size of transaction and all aspirations.


To continuously expand Bank's operation in systematic manner
To become a major innovative Bank and provide top of the line services
To build an HR team that continuously supplements the growth of the organization
To be vigilant to the evolving economy and align our operations accordingly

Capital Structure

Paid-up Capital: Rs. 2,015 Million
Initial Public Offering: Rs. 375 Million
The Authorized Capital of the Bank is Rs. 5,000 Million

Sunrise Bank Limited understands that banking is no longer a numbers game. "Success" for us is not just our profit margin. We understand that you are looking for a friend. A friend to understand, evaluate and invest in your dreams and aspirations. A friend who will safeguard your savings and give you the best value for it. For us success is your hand in friendship.

Prime Commercial Bank Ltd - Introduction


Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. was incorporated in September 2007 as the 21st commercial bank in Nepal. We are a Category ‘A’ Financial Institution registered under the “Banks and Financial Institutions Act” of Nepal. It has been established by prominent business personnel and professionals from diversified areas with a prime objective of providing 'Banking Services to Everyone' in the country where still large number of population are deprived of Banking Services. The Bank has in total 389 promoters holding 70% shares of the Bank.

The bank has established itself as an emerging player in financial sector with focus in customer service excellence maintaining excellent relationship with valued customers. It is counted among the top 10 commercial banks in Nepal by independent raters and publications in the country.
The Bank’s shares are listed and actively traded in the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).

Citizen Bank International Ltd - Introduction

Corporate Profile

Massive changes and developments have taken place during the past two decades in the financial sector. Amidst all these changes, for economic growth and development of New Nepal, Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization in this sector has given birth to the largest commercial bank, “Citizen Bank International Ltd”. The Bank is located at Sharada Sadan, Kamaladi, Kathmandu, the heart of financial sector of the country.It is promoted by eminent personalities/business and industrial houses and reputed individual having high social standing. It is managed by a team of experienced bankers and professionals.

To be the leading bank known for its service excellence in the region.

To be a trustworthy partner for the progress of individuals and institutions by designing, producing and delivering the best financial solutions.The Bank will constantly strive to inculcate in its services five corporate values as follows:

Customer Focus
We are committed to meet the financial needs of our customers and exceed their expectations through innovative solutions.

Service Excellence
We promise to deliver customer centered products and services par excellence.

Human Resource
We employ bright, honest, helpful and pleasant people. We nurture and empower them to achieve their full potential.

Corporate Governance
We believe in being accountable, conducting business ethically and maintaining transparency.

Social Responsibility
We are committed to take social initiatives for the development of the nation.

Global Bank Limited (GBL) - Introduction

Global Bank Limited is a national level commercial bank promoted by highly prominent business personalities/ groups and reputed individuals of the country who have excelled in their field of business/profession with very good integrity and social standings.

Under the guidance of reputed Board of Directors and professional and dynamic management team having extensive experience with proven track-record in the banking industry, Global Bank is committed to offer a wide range of banking products and services tailored with the state-of-the-art technology to meet the unique requirements of all the customer/clients and thereby delight them by exceeding their expectations.

With a shared vision of "The Bank for All", Global Bank Team is committed to providing the quality products and services to its valued customers with utmost courtesy and care. We at Global Bank believe that delivery of quality products/services designed/ customized to best suit the customer need through continuous research/ development and innovation is the foundation to build-up the trust and enhance the level of confidence between the customer and the bank. Hence, Global Bank Team pledges its commitment to always endeavor for delivery of innovative products/ services to all the customers to best suit their requirements thereby ensuring the optimum benefit and value addition to the customer as well as to all other stake holders.

Capital Structure 

Authorized Capital : Rs. 3 Billion

Paid-up Capital       : Rs. 1.5 Billion

Share Premium      : Rs. 15.03 Million


"The Bank For All"


To win respectable market share through customer focused quality products and services, innovative business solutions and technology driven banking thereby enhancing the growth and profitability of the bank so as to ensure the optimum benefit to all stake holders at all times.

Core Values

Integrity and Business Ethics: Commitment to integrity and business ethics is our fundamental principle to do the business.

Teamwork : We believe that essence of success is team work and thus achievement of VMO is possible only when every member of team contributes to their ability. Most importantly we consider all our business partners (clients) as a part of the team with whom we share our ideas/skills, learn from each other and take the business relations to the greater heights so as to be mutually beneficial which will ultimately lead to the successful relationship.

Respect and Humility: We understand that respect and humility are the key factors to motivate and drive every individual towards the organizational goals. We honor the culture, language, ethnicity, social values and entrepreneurial spirit of every individual across the boundaries and draw strength from equal opportunity and diversity thereby enabling the growth of all the stakeholders.

Professionalism: Everything we do, we do with the highest standards of professionalism. Research and Development with focus on business partners (clients/customers) is the key to pursue innovation, deployment of imagination and quality functions/characteristics and translate new ideas into reality consistently whereby we can delight the customer/clients by delivering the products/services with outstanding quality so that our relationships with our clients will remain forever.

Good Governance: We are committed to ensure the transparency and internal control systems through clear-cut policy guidelines/manuals, procedures, central bank's rules regulations for our own satisfaction and to satisfy the regulators thereby ensuring the Corporate Good Governance.

Loyalty: We maintain the highest level of loyalty towards all stakeholders, particularly the business partners (customers/clients) and promise to walk alongside the business partners at difficult times/situations. We will strive to prove that "Bankers are all weather friends" as against the traditional concept of "Fair weather friends" by maintaining the business loyalty at all times.

Siddhartha Bank Limited (SBL) - Introduction


Siddhartha Bank Limited (SBL) commenced operations in 2002. The Bank is promoted by a group of highly reputed Nepalese dignitaries having wide commercial experience. We provide a full range of commercial banking services through our 39 branches across Nepal .

The environment of Nepalese banking sector is undergoing a rapid transformation. With liberalization in financial markets and integration of domestic market with external markets, bank operations have become more complex and dynamic. We are geared to meet the challenges and keep abreast with the changes.

The Vision statement of the Bank describes the core values and purposes that guide the Bank as well as an envisioned future. Fundamentally, in all dealings SBL earnestly believes in transparency, financial soundness, efficiency and better technology.


SBL's vision is to be financially sound, operationally efficient and keep abreast with technological developments. The Bank firmly believes customer focus is a core value, shareholder prosperity is a prime priority, employee growth is a commitment and economic welfare is a sincere concern.


The Bank wants to be a leader among the banks of its age in Nepal by fulfilling the interest of the stakeholders and also aims to provide total customer satisfaction by way of offering innovative product and by developing and retaining highly motivated and committed staff. It directs all its efforts to move ahead with increased profits. The following mission statement is a guide to meet the Vision of the Bank:

As a first step, SBL will strive to be in a leading position amongst the banks of its age in terms of profitability, productivity and innovation.
SBL aims at total customer satisfaction by rendering efficient and diversified financial services through improved technology.
SBL will build a highly motivated and committed team of staff by nurturing a good work culture to achieve superior individual performance aiming to enhance organizational effectiveness.
SBL will be the place of pride to all its stakeholders.

Laxmi Bank Limited


Laxmi Bank was incorporated in April 2002 as the 16th commercial bank in Nepal.

In 2004 Laxmi Bank merged with HISEF Finance Limited, a first generation financial company which was the first and ever merger in the Nepali corporate history.

Laxmi Bank is a Category ‘A’ Financial Institution and re-registered in 2006 under the “Banks and Financial Institutions Act” of Nepal. The Bank’s shares are listed and actively traded in the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).

We are a technologically driven progressive Bank with strong risk and corporate governance foundations. We are known for our innovation and claim to many “firsts” in the Nepalese financial market. We have the best asset quality among all financial institutions in the country and our technology has been rated “Highly Secure” by an independent internationally accredited information system auditors.

Laxmi Bank’s award winning Annual Reports has set the standards for quality, presentation and disclosure for the Nepalese corporate sector to follow since 2005.

Laxmi Bank promotes a separate life insurance company – Prime Life Insurance Limited which came into operation in 2009.



Laxmi Bank is a Category ‘A’ Financial Institution and re-registered in 2006 under the “Banks and Financial Institutions Act” of Nepal. The Bank’s shares are listed and actively traded in the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).

Mission Statement

We are committed to excellence in delivery of entire gamut of financial services
in order to achieve sound business growth and maximize stakeholder values by embracing team spirit, progressive technology and good corporate governance.

Our Values

Our values are built around high standards of good corporate governance. Transparency,professionalism and high ethical tone at the leadership are foundations on which our actions are based. Laxmi Bank’s Code of Conduct encapsulates international best practices applicable to Nepali context. The level of commitment of our people to take Laxmi Bank to greater heights has been a huge catalyst. The team spirit within the organization is something we are proud of.

Our Vision

   Provider of most integrated financial services
   Key player and a thought leader in the retail financial services
   A bank with the best asset book
   Best IT capability
   Preferred employer in the financial sector

Kumari Bank Limited (KBL) - Introduction

Welcome to Kumari Bank 

Kumari Bank Limited, came into existence as the fifteenth commercial bank of Nepal by starting its banking operations from Chaitra 21, 2057 B.S (April 03, 2001) with an objective of providing competitive and modern banking services in the Nepalese financial market. The bank has paid up capital of Rs. 1,485,000,000 of which 70% is contributed from promoters and remaining from public.

Kumari Bank Ltd has been providing wide - range of modern banking services through 28 points of representations located in various urban and semi urban part of the country, 19 outside and 9 inside the valley. The bank is pioneer in providing some of the latest / lucrative banking services like E-Banking and SMS Banking services in Nepal. The bank always focus on building sound technology driven internal system to cater the changing needs of the customers that enhance high comfort and value. The adoption of modern Globus Software, developed by Temenos NV, Switzerland and arrangement of centralized data base system enables customer to make highly secured transactions in any branch regardless of having account with particular branch. Similarly the bank has been providing 365 days banking facilities, extended banking hours till 7 PM in the evening, Utility Bill Payment Services, Inward and Outward Remittance services, Online remit Services and various other banking services.

Visa Electron Debit Card, which is accessible in entire VISA linked ATMs (including 30 own ATMs) and POS (Point of Sale) terminals both in Nepal and India, has also added convenience to the customers. The bank has been able to get recognition as an innovative and fast growing institution striving to enhance customer value and satisfaction by backing transparent business practice, professional management, corporate governance and total quality management as the organizational mission.

The key focus of the bank is always center on serving unfulfilled needs of all classes of customers located in various parts of the country by offering modern and competitive banking products and services in their door step. The bank always prioritizes the priorities of the valued customers.

Kumari Bank at a Glance

Authorized Capital Rs.1,600,000,000.00
Issued & Paid-Up Capital Rs.1,485,000,000.00
20 Outside valley
9 Inside valley
Total - 33

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to deliver innovative products and services to our customers, use these innovative products to achieve financial inclusion, and do so by exemplifying good corporate governance, proactive risk management practices, and superior corporate social responsibility.

Vision Statement 

Our vision is to be the preferred financial partner to our customers, a center of career growth to our employees, and to maximize our shareholders’ value, while contributing to our nation’s financial sector and to its economic welfare.

Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited (MBL) - Introduction

Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited was registered in 1998 as the first regional commercial bank to start banking business from the western region of Nepal with its head office in Pokhara. Today, with a paid up capital of above 1627 million rupees, it is one of the full fledged commercial bank operating in Nepal; and it ranks in the topmost among the private commercial banks.

Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited is striving to facilitate its customer needs by delivering the best of services in combination with the state of the art technologies and best international practices.

Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited is the pioneer in introducing the latest technology in the banking industry in the country. It is the first bank in Nepal to introduce centralized banking software named GLOBUS BANKING SYSTEM developed by Temenos NV, Switzerland.Currently it is using the latest version of GLOBUS,referred as T-24 BANKING SYSTEM.The bank provides modern banking facilities such as Any Branch Banking, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking to its valued customers.

The bank in the last few years have really opened up with branches spread all around the country. At this stage, it has its Corporate Office in Kathmandu and branch offices in other parts of Kathmandu, Damauli, Bhairahawa, Birgunj, Banepa, and different parts of Pokhara in addition to the Head Office in Naya Bazar, Pokhara. A full-fledged banking branch is in operation in Jomsom located high up in the mountains too. The bank aims to serve the people of both the urban and rural areas.

Nepal Industrial & Commercial Bank Limited (NIC Bank) - Introduction

Nepal Industrial & Commercial Bank Limited (NIC Bank) commenced its operation on 21 July 1998 from Biratnagar. The Bank was promoted by some of the prominent business houses of the country. The current shareholding pattern of the Bank constitutes of promoters holding 51% of the shares while 49% is held by the general public. NIC Bank has over 34,000 shareholders. The shares of the Bank are actively traded in Nepal Stock Exchange with current market capitalization of about NPR 10,493 million.

The Bank has grown rapidly with 34 branches throughout the country while several branches are planned to be opened this year. All branches are inter-connected through optical fiber as well as V-Sat and are capable of providing real time on-line transactions.

NIC Bank was the first commercial bank in Nepal to have received ISO 9001:2000 certification for its Quality Management System standard in the year 2006. The Bank has recently been certified under the upgraded ISO 9001:2008 standards for the Bank's Quality System on Commercial Banking Activities for the first time in Nepal. Furthermore, NIC Bank became the 1st Bank in Nepal to be provided a line of credit by International Finance Corporation (IFC), an arm of World Bank Group under its Global Trade Finance Program, enabling the Bank's Letter of Credit and Guarantee to be accepted/ confirmed by more than 200 banks worldwide.

To add to these achievements, the Bank has also been awarded the "Bank of the Year 2007-Nepal" by the world-renowned financial publication of The Financial Times, U.K.-The Banker. This is the fruit of the Bank's outstanding performance backed by belief and support of its customers towards the Bank.

The Bank is run by professionals and believes in the highest standards of corporate governance.

The Board of Directors of the Bank is supported by a management team, which comprises of young, enthusiastic professionals. The Bank has successfully embarked on a multi-pronged strategy of consolidation, administrative streamlining, human resource up-skilling, strategic cost management, focused non-performing assets management, balance sheet and treasury management and controlled asset growth, in tandem with strengthening the credit culture as well as strategic marketing and sales.

NIC Bank's organizational structure is designed to support its business goals. However, it is flexible enough in seeking to ensure effective control and supervision and consistency in standards across all businesses at the same time. The organization structure is divided into five major areas viz Consumer Banking, Business Banking, Special Assets Management, Treasury and Liability Marketing and Transaction Banking all of which are supproted by the corporate center.

The Bank is committed towards providing financial services to its patrons by the means of efficient and cost effective service delivery through its Transaction Banking, Consumer Banking, Business Banking and Treasury divisions.

Consumer Banking comprises of consumer lending, retail credit products and banking services for individuals with dedicated teams. Consumer Banking services include home loans, auto loans, personal loans, education loans, travel loans, etc.

Liability Marketing & Transaction Banking comprises of institutional and personal deposit products and transaction banking services including debit cards, ATMs, safe deposit lockers, payment services, drafts, remittance, SMS Banking, Travelers' Cheques, etc.

Business Banking group comprises of corporate banking business including credit products and other banking services. It also includes corporate transaction banking, trade finance services, foreign exchange and corporate financing solutions including project & infrastructure finance, working capital & term loan credit, structured financing, syndication, cash management and advisory services.

Special Assets Management division is responsible for managing non-performing and restructured loans.

Treasury is responsible for management of liquidity and exposure to market risk, mobilization of resources, balance sheet management, pricing, investor relations and international operation. The Bank's treasury division offers a full range of Risk Management and Cash Management products and provides effective Treasury advisory services.

Further, Treasury also leverages its strong relationships with financial institutions to provide a wide range of Banking services.

The Corporate center comprises all shared services and corporate functions including finance, secretarial, risk management, legal, human resources, branding and corporate communications.

The Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of the Bank for the last 5 years is one of the highest in the industry. This shows that the Bank's performance has been consistent over the duration of five years. 5 year CAGR of key performance indicators of the Bank are as under.

The Bank believes in continuously offering new and value added services to its customers, with commitment to quality and value to its clients at the same time. Accordingly, the Bank has been in the forefront in launching innovative and superior products having unique customer friendly features with immense success.

Lumbini Bank Limited

About Us

Lumbini Bank Limited is offering a wide range of banking solutions and services meticulously customized to the needs of the customers. Established in 1998, this is the first regional commercial bank in Nepal, which started its operation from Narayangarh spreading its wings to further fourteen more places at Hetauda, Butwal, Naxal,  Biratnagar, Parsa Bazaar, Indrachowk, Baneshwor, Bardhghat, Parasi, Suryabinayak, Gwarko, Damauli,  Mangal Bazaar and Lanku of Chitwan District.

Bank is highly committed to assure of the standard and excellence in the services it offers. Our team is guided towards obtaining new challenges and opportunities. Backed by state-of-the-art technology and experienced professionals adept in modern banking management, we strive to make banking simple, fast and customer friendly. Just the way you like it.

Bank has restructured various products, as a part of an ongoing process, to cater to the retail segment. The newly structured products in retail segment cover Personal Loan, Home Loan, Auto Loan, Mortgage Loan, Educational Loan, Time Loan, and Loan against Shares.

Our commitment extends further, from our customers, investors, stakeholders and employees to society at outsized. By focusing on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, we aspire to be a role model institution in responsible Banking. Our foundations have been inscribed with stringent Corporate Governance measures, whereby transparency, disclosure, instruction norms and accountability have paramount importance, in order to safeguard the trust and wealth of each and every stakeholders and customers.

Bank has finalized an e-commerce strategy and developed  the necessary internet banking modules which is avaiable at our home page or

Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd. (NCC Bank) - Introduction


Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd. (NCC Bank) formally registered as Nepal - Bank of Ceylon Ltd. (NBOC), commenced its operation on 14th October, 1996 as a Joint Venture with Bank of Ceylon, Sri Lanka. It was the first private sector Bank with the largest authorized capital of NRS. 1,000 million. The Head Office of the Bank is located at Siddhartha Nagar, Rupandehi, the birthplace of LORD BUDDHA, while its Corporate Office is placed at Bagbazar, Kathmandu.

The name of the Bank was changed to Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd., (NCC Bank) on 10th September, 2002, due to transfer of shares and management of the Bank from Bank of Ceylon, an undertaking of Government of Sri Lanka to Nepalese Promoters.

At present, NCC Bank provides banking facilities and services to rural and urban areas of the country through its 18 branches. The Bank has developed corresponding agency relationship with more than 150 International Banks having worldwide network.


Authorized Capital - Rs. 2 Billion

Issued Capital - Rs. 2 Billion

Paid up Capital - Rs. 1.4 Billion


The Bank is using Pumori Plus, the most commonly used software by Nepalese Banks. The Bank offers Any Branch Banking Service (ABBS) in all 18 branches. Telex and SWIFT are other modes of communication for efficient and effective transmission of information. In order to facilitate the customers with state of art technology, Bank is providing Debit Card facilities under the SCT (Smart Choice Technology) Network jointly in consortium with 40 other member Banks. This facility enables the customers to withdraw cash from any of the 167 ATM Terminals located at different parts of the country and to purchase goods from more than 743 shopping complexes and departmental stores under POS arrangement.


NCC Bank has strategic alliance with ICICI Bank, which facilitates our customers to remit their money to more than 670 locations of India through ICICI Bank branches and their correspondent Banks in India.

Our customers can affect their money transfer to India either through Speed Transfer Arrangement or through Demand Draft Arrangement. Under Speed Transfer Arrangement, money can be credited on-line to the beneficiary's account at more than 400 branches of ICICI Bank, India. Under Demand Draft Arrangement, the Bank can issue draft payable at more than 670 locations in India.

We are globally connected through various prominent Banks in Asia, Europe and North America like American Express Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, UBAF etc.

Our services across the globe include remittance, draft arrangement, import and export business, guarantee etc.


Bankers with the quality service strive for expansion with profitability professionalism and personalized banking services.


We at NCC Bank, our goal is to provide a wide range of banking services and products in the emerging socio-economic environment within and outside the country maintaining high standards of integrity and efficiency with excellence.

Bank of Kathmandu Limited (BOK) - Introduction

Overview / Introduction

Bank of Kathmandu Limited has become a prominent name in the Nepalese banking sector. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders for their support and co-operation for leading the bank to the present height of achievements. We wish to reiterate here that whatever activity we undertake; we put in conscious efforts to glorify our corporate slogan, "We make your life easier".

We would also like to elucidate that Bank of Kathmandu is committed to delivering quality service to customers, generating good return to shareholders, providing attractive incentives to employees and serving the community through stronger corporate social responsibility endeavor.

Bank of Kathmandu Limited (BOK) has today become a landmark in the Nepalese banking sector by being among the few commercial banks which is entirely managed by Nepalese professionals and owned by the general public.

BOK started its operation in March 1995 with the objective to stimulate the Nepalese economy and take it to newer heights. BOK also aims to facilitate the nation's economy and to become more competitive globally.

To become a significant contributor to the economic development of Nepal by distinguishing the Bank as an efficient, competitive, safe and top-quality financial institution.

Mission Statement

To offer financial services and become the "Bank of Choice" by dedicating the progress and growth of the institution to the community, customers, employees and stockholders by:
Promoting economic growth and becoming a caring corporate citizen
Providing excellent customer services by offering personalized quality services and products
Including modern technologies of banking that add value to customer services
Following strict risk-control mechanisms
Enhancing shareholders value
Providing challenging career and learning opportunities for our employees

Core Values

The Bank has defined following core values for achieving the vision and mission:
Embrace a commitment to excellence
Develop knowledgeable, competent and professional employees
Deliver quality services
Provide value to the stockholders
Be accountable for delivering what we promise
Demonstrate honesty and integrity in all actions
Be balanced in customer orientation and risk consciousness
Be efficient and technology oriented

Everest Bank Limited (EBL) - Introduction

Brief Profile

Everest Bank Limited (EBL) started its operations in 1994 with a view and objective of extending professionalized and efficient banking services to various segments of the society. The bank is providing customer-friendly services through its Branch Network. All the branches of the bank are connected through Anywhere Branch Banking System (ABBS), which enables customers for operational transactions from any branches.

With an aim to help Nepalese citizens working abroad, the bank has entered into arrangements with banks and finance companies in different countries, which enable quick remittance of funds by the Nepalese citizens in countries like UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore and U K.

Bank has set up its representative offices at New Delhi (India) to support Nepalese citizen remitting money and advising banking related services.

Joint Venture Partner

Punjab National Bank (PNB), our joint venture partner (holding 20% equity in the bank) is the largest nationalized bank in India. With its presence virtually in all the important centers at India, Punjab National Bank offers a wide variety of banking services which include corporate and personal banking, industrial finance, agricultural finance, financing of trade and international banking. Among the clients of the Bank are Indian conglomerates, medium and small industrial units, exporters, non-resident Indians and multinational companies. The large presence and vast resource base have helped the Bank to build strong links with trade and industry.


The bank has been conferred with “Bank of the Year 2006, Nepal” by the banker, a publication of financial times, London.
The bank was bestowed with the “NICCI Excellence award” by Nepal India chamber of commerce for its spectacular performance under finance sector

Pioneering achievements

Recognizing the value of offerings a complete range of services, we have pioneered in extending various customer friendly products such as Home Loan, Education Loan, EBL Flexi Loan, EBL Property Plus (Future Lease Rental), Home Equity Loan, Vehicle Loan, Loan Against Share, Loan Against Life Insurance Policy and Loan for Professionals.

EBL was one of the first bank to introduce Any Branch Banking System (ABBS) in Nepal.

EBL has introduced Mobile Vehicle Banking system to serve the segment deprived of proper banking facilities through its Birtamod Branch, which is the first of its kind.

EBL has introduced branchless banking system first time in Nepal to cover unbanked sector of Nepalese society.

EBL is first bank that has launched e-ticketing system in Nepal. EBL customer can buy yeti airlines ticket through internet.


To evolve & position the bank as a progressive, cost effective & customer friendly institution providing comprehensive financial and related services.
To integrate the frontiers of technology & serving the various segments of society.
To be committed to excellence in corporate values.


To provide excellent professional services & improve its position as a leader in the field of financial related services.
To build & maintain a team of motivated and committed workforce with high work ethos.
To use the latest technology aimed at customer satisfaction & act as an effective catalyst for socio-economic developments.