Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fund raising and Clothes Collection for Flood Victims in Terai Region

Major part of the Terai was filled with water during July/August 2007 due to the continuous rain for days and even weeks. Many people, institution, organization and other contributed a lot through cash and the cloths. In same scenario, we Lion and Leo Club of Kathmandu Mahankal along with OCEED organized a joint fund raising and cloth collection for them. We started our program from the Bouddha at around 9:30 am. We collected around Rs 6693 through the door to door visit of most of the house and shops of Bouddha and Jorpati. Moreover we also collected 28-30 huge sacks of clothes. We handed the Cash to the Kantipur Publication and clothes were handed to the Image channel. You can view the pictures below:

Panoramic view of Bouddha

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  1. God is above us and i know he must be feeling very proud of some peoples like you who does something for others...
    great job,keep it up!!


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