Saturday, November 10, 2007

Laxmi Puja

Laxmi Pooja: A festival of Nepalese in which people worship Goddess Laxmi - Goddess of Money. It is the third day of the Tihar or Deepawali. First-Crow Pooja, Second-Dog Pooja, Third-Laxmi Pooja, Forth-Mhaa Puja and Goverdhan Pooja and Fifth-Bhai Tika/Pooja.

It is believed that by worshiping Goddess Laxmi people can have increase their income level or better opportunity of income source. In order to make Goddess happy every house of Hindu is lightened with variety of colors (through electric equipment or typical 'palcha' - a small mud vessel in which oil is poured which is lightened by firing through cotton piece , Houses are kept clean and various kind of flowers and anything thing that makes the house looks beautiful or attractive are used. Moreover in each house 'Gover' (Cow Dung - It is considered the most purified to make the place immaculate) is painted from outside of the house - where people usually worship, to the worship room - the most decorated part of the house. And after all these the Goddess is worshiped, usually at night. These procedures are performed to make the Goddess happy and invite Goddess to their home. People also worship their safe-deposit during this day.

Moreover in order to make this day interesting girls visit different areas to play 'Vailee' - A traditional program where the group of girls sings and visit different houses and in return they will be provided with some cash- usually. Some lines of Vailee goes

Vaileen aaeen aagana
Gunyoo cholo....

Forgot the Rest of It

Some of the snaps of Laxmi Pooja

Mhaa Pooja

In the forth day just after Laxmi Pooja Maha Pooja is celebrated. This is the festivals of Newar and is the New Year of Nepal Sambat. During this day a rally is organized through vehicles - usually on bikes these days, small or big trucks and on foot. Other than Newars, they celebrate this day as Goverdhan pooja - people worship their vehicles, machineries, equipments etc. from which they could generate revenue. This is the day where the Newars celebrate by worshiping their body. A 'pathi', a form of measurement is used in which flowers, abir-red color, raddish etc. are used to worship they body. These are poured by the lady of the house, usually. A 'mandap' - an artistic art, is drawn as in the figure in front of every member. The below pictures depicts the huge mandap to display to the people and foreigners.

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