Saturday, April 19, 2008

Election In Nepal

The recently held Constituent Assembly election here in Nepal on April 10, 2008 constitutes of two kinds of electoral system. First one was called 'First Past and the Post System'(Pratakchya) and the other is 'Proportionate Electoral System' (Samunupatik).

First Past and the Post System is one which is same as in other country. One Member One constituency principle is followed in the First Past the Post System (FPTP). There could be a number of candidates in any election, conducted for any position. But a voter is allowed to cast vote in favour of only one candidate. The one who leads with maximum number of votes, is declared winner.

A proportional election is the one where voting takes place for political parties, considering the entire nation a single election constituency. The winning candidate is determined on the basis of the maximum number of votes received by the parties. Such a system is known as proportionate electoral system. For this system, the political parties must submit a closed list of their election candidates to the Election Commission. The listed candidates are declared winner, according to the number of votes earned by political parties in the election. (Source:

Sample Ballot Paper of 'First Past and the Post System' (Pratakchya)

Sample Ballot Paper of 'Proportionate Electoral System' (Samunupatik)

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