Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Deep Purple Concert Postponed on 26 April, 2013

Deep Purple Concert Postponed on 26 April, 2013

Deep Purple concert live in Kathmandu was schedule on March 13, 2013 has been postponed to April 26, 2013.

This news has made the Nepalese fans very skeptical. There were first rumors regarding whether Deep Purple will perform in Kathmandu. Even after the announcement from the organizers the fans were pretty much in doubt until the Deep Purple official schedule their concert in Kathmandu. 

Now this postponement of the concert is very hard to digest for the Nepalese fans. Most of the fans are demanding their money back, some of them are hopeful that the concert will take place on the postponed date, some people wonder why even they even bought the tickets.

Well according to the organizers Jet Set Pr Entertainment and ODC Entertainment, the concert has been postponed not cancelled and this is the major reason why they will not refund the cash. At the back side of the ticket its clearly mentioned in point #5 that "The refund of the ticket is only subjected to cancellation of the event." But the question is will this condition be enough to stop the violence from the fans.

The organizers have further said that the postponement of the concert will be made on different medias and from the Deep Purple official website as well. Well its sure that the postponed information from the organizers will be in doubtful until it is backed up the Deep Purple official website.

Well it is tough time for the organizers. The fans should understand that the organizers have already invested the huge sum of money to Deep Purple Concert here in Kathmandu. The fans have nothing but just to wait until April 26, 2013.

The published information from the organizers regarding postponement can be found in the link below:

!!! NOTICE !!!

This is to inform you that the concert of the Legendary Rock Band
"Deep Purple" which was scheduled to take place on 15th March, 2013 (Friday) at Dasarath Stadium, Tripureshwor has been postponed to 26th April, 2013 (Friday) due to unforeseen circumstances .We assure you all that the concert will happen in the given date and we apologize to all the fans and the ticket holders for the inconvenience caused due to this postponement. 
Further more details on the concert will be updated soon by tomorrow in all leading & both official Medias.

The official website of Deep Purple will be updated with new date in couple of days and video byte will be out in all electronic media.

Thanking you all for your tremendous support.

Note: If you have the tickets to the concert "Deep Purple Live in
Nepal", do not lose it as it will be valid for ENTRANCE on the
postponed date (26th April, 2013).


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    1. You can collect it from Durbar Marg behind the the police station, just ask for ODC Entertainment. They refunded it long time back. I don't know if they are still there.


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