Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Durbar Marg Festival

It was May 13, 2007. we guys didn't had any plan until we heard of this festival. the festival was supposed to start at 11 o clock. but as nepali time, it startted around 2 pm. however some food was been sold. but that didn't matter because everyones' tummy was filled in home at that time. we were around 12-13 people. the show didn't seem to start up. the hot sun. it was difficult to stand around. we decided to sit in the premises of Nepal Investment Bank. the guard was kind enough to let us in and stay there for some mins. in a moment of time the show started with some rap song. we stayed at a distance. however we began to feel hungry. we went to the Anituqe restaurant at Ason. the food was good, but we ordered than we could eat. chatamari, chwela, cheura, cille momo, sizzler, potato chille and what not...... the extra food that we could not eat was packed and i took it home. :) then again we headed towards the concert. some of our friends went home cos they were tired. but we 5 stayed there till 8 pm till evening. it was fun. screaming, jumping, dancing, shooting pics, girls all around etc etc. all in all that day was rocking. check out the some snap shots of it.

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