Saturday, May 5, 2007

Namo Buddha

Namo Buddha, a place to be. It was an amazing experience to drive with old pals. We were 5 and there were 3 bikes. We drove around 1:45 hours for around 40 Km. It was even more fun for me cause it was my first experience to drive such a long way. Driving through the high way was fun. We started our journey in the morning at 9 am. We, Pankaj, Gunjan, and me meet at Kintesh house at Tahachal. Then we drove to pick up another old pal Navin at the Tankeshwor. after that there was no turning back. 5 old pals, 3 Bikes, and Bikes loaded with enough fuel. sounds great doesn't it? ;) We guys were supposed to stop at the Bhaktapur cause Navin had some stuff to deliver at his Mamas' House. Then we passed Banepa and then Dhulikhel. Bikes doesn't seem to stop and wee were drving above 60KM/H all the time. at we drove through the Dhulikehl Hostpital road was curved here and there. It was just as a feeling as if we were playing a Need For Speed. Driving the bikes fast at the straight lane and decreasing the gear and slowing down the bike when the turn came and again increasing the gear at the straight. my god it was indeed as if i were playing NEED FOR SPEED. I wish that path didn't ended. but good things come to an end. the road was good all pitched for smooth drive until a place where we have to drive right from the main road and road was so uncomfortable to ride. it was exactly 10 km uphill. but it was good experience as well. After we reached the top we were hoping to get a clear view of the Himalayas. but unfortunately we were not that lucky. all the Himalayas were hidden behind the thick clouds. all though the ride was worth it for all those fuel that we paid for :) you guys can catch up some of the snaps below.

The supreme sacred place known as Namo Buddha is located in the mountains about 2 ½ hours from Kathmandu. It is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal and one of the holiest in the world. It is known as the place where the Buddha, in a previous life as a prince, gave his body to a starving tigress and her cubs. There is a very old temple in the village of Namo Buddha, located below Thrangu Rinpoche’s land, which sits on the top of the mountain. Several lamas have determined that the actual site where the Buddha gave his body is actually on Thrangu Rinpoche’s property near the retreat center. There is a cave with statues of the prince, the tigress and the cubs on this site. Namo Buddha is otherwise known by Tibetans and people of the Himalayan regions as “Takmo Lu Jin”, which is literally “Tigress Body Generosity”.

The exterior building is complete and now the process of finishing is underway. Designed by Thrangu Rinpoche as a representation of the three yanas or path, it is beautiful, elegant and filled with symbolic meaning as befits this holy Buddhist pilgrimage place.

When the temple is complete and more living accommodations are built, many of the monks of Thrangu Tashi Choling Monastery in Boudhanath, Kathmandu will move to Namo Buddha thereby making the monastery much less crowded. There will be a large monastic sangha that will be engaged in every aspect of monastic life, study, retreat, the daily prayers and work.

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