Saturday, November 8, 2008

Asian Mountain Bike Championship - Chobar

The Asian Mountain Bike Championship-2008 (November 6-10) held in Chobar. It must be the first time that such program was organized in Kathmandu. Race days were on November 8 and November 9, 2008. On November 8 there was Cross Country Race (Pictures here are of this day only). It happended in Chobar hill itself. On November 9 there was Downhill Race. It was something I wanted to see. Running from the top of the hill to the base, must have been exciting. I must say hill were constructed really well. Loads of money must have been spent on it. The race where it was organized is the same place where Himal Cement Factory used to blast the hills for the purpose of cement. Because of the complain from the local people the factory was shut down since around 4-5 years back. The machines used for demolishing the hills were still kept idle as if government have no responsibility.

The total length of Cross Country Race was 5.09 KM and Downhill Race was of 1.20 KM. There were 7 laps for the Cross Country Race, but for Downhill - I don't know, I didn't went that day, later guys.

Registration from different countries or regions including Nepal has been made. A total of 66 riders are participating in four different categories like Cross Country -Elite Men (30 participants), Cross Country - Elite Women (11), Down Hill - Elite Men (22), Down Hill -Elite Women (3). However, eight riders from Nepal are participating.

The participating countries and regions include China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Iran, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Nepal.

News says, Nepal has got a favorable environment and suitable track to host the Mountain Bike Championship (MTB). This event will promote sports tourism in the country and will allow Nepal to host more sports events in the future.

Moreover the organizers are planning to host events in Pokhara (some 140 km west of Kathmandu) and Ilam (some 280 km east of Kathmandu).

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