Friday, May 21, 2010

As Nepal Tourism Year(NTY) 2011 Approaches...

Not much but only 7 more months to go. Nepal Tourism Year(NTY) 2011 is expected to be big to unlease its natural beauty. Nepal is ready and steady to for and welcome all the visitors, with the slogan "once is not enough", Nepal truly stands on for it. The natural beauty of Nepal that extends from east Illam to west Mahakali, Nepal has marked its existence in the heart of many foreigners and have made them come back more than once.
The lure of natural Nepal that offers trekking, white water rafting, hiking, wildlife conservation area, world heritage sites, ancient temples and monuments, mountaineering, etc. will be offering its finest service during this year particularly. The renovation of the world heritage sites, the services at the trekking zone, etc. have been upgraded and some are still in progress.
The good news for NTY 2011 is that Maoist have promised that there would not be any strikes from their side but many people doubt them. Apart from them there are also other parties but the strikes from other is expected to be negligible.
In the same scenario, one of the world heritage sites that is listed in the UNESCO, Swyambhunath Stupa has just completed its renovation program which is believed to be built during some 2500 years ago (just proud of it:)). The stupa have been painted, the metal painted in gold with eye on it have been changed for good. The current look of the Swyambhu Stupa will stun not only the foreigners but also for the local people as well. So I personally suggest the locals to visit. Meticulously designed stupa was renovated after 100 years, unbelievable? buts its true as the Kantipur Daily quotes (May 19, 2010, Wednesday).
The coordinator of the renovation program of Swyambhunath Stupa, Mukunda Bista states many unexpected things have been innovated such as (I'm writing in Nepali cause I don't know the specific words haha) tama ko paata, treedarshi bhumi, gaajur, tooran, haarmikama, suunko jalap (moolambaa), gajur ko stupa bhitrako kaath is changed, bajra cheeu ko eetako gaarho, ring etc. have been renovated.

To save the heritage Kathmandu Metropolitan Center has now strictly regulated the rules for disallowing the entrance of vehicles into the premises of Kathmandu Durbar Square (KDS) which was once regulated but was not successful. KDS was built during Mall regime with unique design of its class. KDS has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The locals have demanded the sames years before but due to the inefficience of the regulating body it kept failing. The arriving of the NTY 2011 has at least waked them up to take some initiation and make their mark as their presence. The restriction of entrance at the Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square which are also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites was implemented years before. This restriction has made some regular passer by a bit difficulty to reach their destination bu the importance of such world heritage sites is understood and welcomed by all. The pictures itself depicts the importance of this place.
Even though this regulation is active the news regarding the violation of the same rules by the top authorities of the polices itself keeps on publishing on the regular daily Kantipur. Sometime its about parking in the retricted area and the other time police authority riding and motorbike in the restriction area without a helmet. This violation might seem negligible which raises the question regarding if this regulation might dissolve after the NTY 2011. Lets be optimistic and be positive.

Until my next post, Sionara!

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