Tuesday, August 30, 2011


For the Nepalese, the continuous flow of interrelated festivals throughout the year is literally a way of life, reflecting their joys and fears, dreams and sorrows. The festivals become a calendar, marking the changing seasons, the revolving of the years and ages, giving continuity and meaning to thie lives. They cement the strong and vital bonds between individual members in each family, as well as the ties within established groupings of case and clan and class.

Most of the celebrations originated centurions ago and have carried down through the ages from some mythological or perhaps actual event. vital for all good Hindus and Buddhists is the accrual of religious merit during one's time on earth to assure that life in the next world will be better. Towards this end offerings are made to the gods. especially on feast and festivals days. At certain festivals jatras are performed, when the idol is decorated and carried about in gala religious procession for a variety of reasons -  to honor him, present him to other gods and goddesses, or simply allow him the opportunity of watching some festival or ceremony with the celebrating populace.

Excerpt from the The festivals of Nepal by Marry M. Andreson

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