Tuesday, August 9, 2011

smoking banned

slowly, lately but the law came into existence at the end. Smoking has been banned in the capital city in the public areas. this has its benefits. don't know how much it will have its benefit on the part of the smokers but it will inevitably have its good impact on the health of the non-smokers. the passive smoking will be almost become null. this step have been very much welcomed by the society. Talking about society, how many of them are there who don't smoke? In public area, or with friends, or the the narrow space of the street (gallis), just chilling out with friends, when being alone, just to get that relaxation from the work or any other occasions how many of them are there who don't smoke. sometimes i just think the ratio of smokers  have surpassed the non-smokers. so given this scenario will this law come into effect, even if it does how long? does the implementing body of the government can exercise this law into effect. the government official themselves i mean most of them have a habit of smoking in the office room its self. I saw a picture of one of the government official on the daily news paper other day in which he was smoking in the Singha Durbar. What makes more serious on this law issue is that the regulating body has claimed that they have not received any such order from their senior to ban smoking in the public places. well the written order might have been delayed to reach to the destination. well like the law slowly and lately it may reach to the regulating body destination and make this place a little good.

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