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Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal (CTBN) - Introduction

Brief Profile

Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal (CTBN) is established under the Bank and Financial Institution Act 2063 in Kathmandu, Nepal as a national level "A" class commercial bank. CTBN is an outcome of a comprehensive vision of the promoters to participate in national development by providing business solutions to all customers through a team of professionals. The promoters of CTBN are Bankers, Professionals, Individual and businessmen who have sowed the dream of leading Nepal towards the economic development. They have varied exposures and presence in the Nepalese economy and abroad. They represent various business activities within and outside Nepal. Each promoter of CTBN has successfully demonstrated leadership skills, business acumen and entrepreneurial talents in his/her respective fields. The promoters’ comprehensive vision and government and regulating authorities' overwhelming support gave birth to the concept for establishment of a private sector a Commercial Bank in Nepal "CTBN".

CTBN will come up with new banking outlook by providing modern banking services, efficient customer services and wide coverage of commercial banking activities within urban as well as rural areas all over the country. CTBN had already obtained Letter of Intent (LOI) from Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB). CTBN will commence its operation after receiving the Operating License from NRB from Kamaladi, Kathmandu. CTBN will have branches in strategic locations of the country.


Recognize the importance of participating actively in supporting the community we serve, committing our time, effort and contributions to assist in the development and improvement within the country. Transparency, corporate governance, compliance and sound business growth continue to be the driving forces behind CTBN's business operation. The board and the management are fully committed to uphold these stakes. The proposed bank had follow a professional management system where emphasis will be given to efficiency and effectiveness concept besides the basic characteristics for management like planning, organizing, coordination and controlling in order to achieve the desired goal.


As its core line of business, CTBN shail seek all possible opportunities to maximize stakeholders’ wealth by maintaining quality assets and liabilities. CTBN shall seek out all types of desirable depositors/creditor’s accounts. Progress in data processing and communications technology has accelerated these trends and heightened their impact on banking business. The traditionally close bank — customer relationship is loosening. The barriers to market entry for new competitors are lower, breaking up traditional value — added chains and focusing as specialists on the lines ofbusiness that are most lucrative .Thus CTBN account relations are those that result in a relationship rather than those which are purely transaction in nature.

CTBN will bring in latest understanding and latest risk mitigation techniques and introduce long term financial instrument (debt, equity and a mixture of both) especially for the large and medium size infrastructure projects. CTBN will play a very important role in unlocking the trapped potential and in making the whole sector vibrant. Some areas of operation and core value of CTBN are.

To identify business prospects not yet catered by then existing commercial banks and offer new banking products and services.
To provide flexible and comprehensive customer management processes to review
relationship and exposures.
To introduce modern banking technology facilitating bank and business
To develop viable projects and enterprises in various sectors like hydropower, agriculture, trade, industries, tourism, and other services to boost up the production, income and employment opportunities.
To mobilize deposits, provide loan funds to the industrial/production/commercial units both in terms of term loan and working capital credit, short-term and middle term loan for
commercial purposes; provide non-funded loans, foreign currency transaction services,
perform non-funded, merchant banking, and other advisory services.
To develop micro finance through integration and commercialization of rural household
activities, in order to bring the rural poor to banking net.
To explore the renewal energy opportunities and coordinate with various developing
agencies to take part in national development.
To participate in the large infrastructure project required to build New Nepal.
To endeavor its effort to the proper use of the internal and external resources and
technology; and contributing towards greater and faster economic development of the
To earn competitive return to its shareholders by delivering modern banking and financial services to its customers efficiently, effectively, and elegantly.

CTBN will enjoy a unique and strong foothold in the banking industry. CTBN's activities giobe around deposit mobilization, advancement of various credits, international banking including trade financing, inward and outward remittances and funds and portfolio management. Through wide and strong correspondent banking network CTBN shall able to connect its customers to all important financial centers in the world.

Vision, Mission & Values

Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal Ltd is a category “A” Class Commercial Bank Licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank,  established with an objective to provide full fledged Banking Services in National Arena serving National Interest. With strong capital base propelled by Issued Capital of Rs. 2.00 billion, the Bank is in position to become effective client focused financial service provider from the day of its inception. Commerz and Trust is an outcome of comprehensive vision of its shareholders to participate in national development by providing business solutions to all customers through a team of experienced professionals. We are here to deliver universal banking services, create value for its shareholders, and become the first choice of clients within and beyond boarders.  At Commerz & Trust all services are customer driven and their satisfaction being our highest priority.

With a team assembled with highly experienced professionals inherited with strong leadership skills, every stakeholder of the bank has a reason to believe in exceeding their expectations, fulfilling their dreams and ultimately leading themselves towards the path of success. Entrusting in teamwork, management of the bank is committed to institute Commerz & Trust as a trusted ally of our community. The bank envisioned to place itself top on the list of professionally managed bank wherein its cooperation towards its regulators in its entirety will become remarkable thing to consider.

We obligate ourselves to extend our reach in form of comprehensive network to every nook and corner of the Country and guarantee to benefit every citizen of our country with personalized advisory banking services. Utilization of state-of-art technology is the bed rock of the bank service and by that virtue we assure to raise the standard of our service in a progressive manner.

We believe in developing relationship with all our stakeholders based on the values that we adhered with and in every step of our journey we always bond ourselves with our customers, their needs, their success, & their achievement.

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