Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Deep Purple Live In Kathmandu Nepal (March 15, 2013) {Deep Purple Live In Nepal}

Deep Purple Concert Postponed

Deep Purple Live In NEPAL 

(March 15, 2013)

Deep Purple Live In Nepal - Deep Purple has official announced through their website to rock Kathmandu on March 15, 2013. The initiative has been taken by well known cvent company who bought us Bryan Adams, Michael Learns To Rock, and some other Indian artist (I don't know them cause I didn't attend them), yes its the JPR Events

JPR Events had announced some months back regarding their arrival on Kathmandu, but most of the fans were skeptical. Now the Deep Purple have announced through their website, there is no controversy, no doubts and yes Deep Purple will be here to rock  Kathmandu on March 15, 2013.

The venue for the concert has been finalized at Dasrath Rangasala Stadium, at Thapathali. The price for the concert as revealed by the JPR EVENTS on their facebook page are like this

Rs. 700.00 (Yes 700.00 only, that's cheap, great news)
Rs. 1000.00
Rs. 2000.00
Rs. 10,000.00 (only limited as much as 200 tickets available. And these 200 tickets holder will get signed CS's of Deep Purple, lot of other benefits)

Well guess what Deep Purple will be here finally at Kathmandu to give you that "Smoke on the water" and make you a "Highway Star". 

And we hope to see other international artist as well.

Click here for Deep Purple Website

Click here for JPR EVENTS Facebook Page

Click Here for Ticket Price -  Deep Purple Live In Nepal

Source: JPR EVENTS Facebook Page

Deep Purple LIVE In Nepal


  1. This is all Bluff from JPR, they will run with sold ticket money and sponsors money to Bangladesh. They are planing to announce due to political and technical reason Bands are not coming ..... any one want to bet ???? be careful

  2. In India their concert were recently cancelled. More can be learned at:


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